1. Membership is exclusive to hospitality workers (past and current) and anyone in the service industry – This is a privilege not a right, it is private property.

2. By joining you agree to the following membership terms & conditions and any accept any amendments that may be made from time to time.

3. ‘Loch & Key Hospo Society’ page data will be used to manage and issue ‘Key Cards’ Membership Cards.

4. Loch & Key created this ‘Members Only Entry’ as a Safe Space for Hospitality workers. Members will be held accountable for any indecent actions.

5. Each member issued a ‘Key Card’ will be allowed a ‘Plus 1’ for anyone not a member (This will be at the Guard & Management’s discretion). Their name and the Member’s Card number will be recorded on entry. The Member is then responsible/accountable for said non-members actions. (As Referred, See 4).

6. Members are required to still follow Door Policy, no exceptions (See 2).

7. Management reserve the right to revoke membership without notice. Memberships will be revoked if Membership Agreement is breached, remember these are set for everyone’s safety, for you and the Loch Crew.

8. Entry will still be subjected to regular entry policy, no intoxication, ‘Key Card’ DOES NOT guarantee entry to the venue (See 14).

9. Any abuse (Verbal or Physical) to the Loch Crew or any other members will be an automatic ban and membership revoked – remember we are creating a safe space not just for you but for other workers as well.

10. First ‘Key Card’ will be free of charge, each card is numbered and identification will be required on pick up. We will record what type of I.D. & I.D. Number – this is to speed up entry to venue. Again, personal details provided on registration will not be shared with third parties.

11. ‘Key Cards’ are not transferable to other people; Cards will be confiscated for improper use and remind property of Old Fashioned Melbourne P/L (Loch & Key) 34 Franklin Street, Melbourne 3000. The membership is free, just get co-workers to join ‘Loch & Key Hospo Society’ Facebook page – once again this is a ‘safe space’ for industry workers and we want to keep it that way.

12. ‘Key Card’ gives you access to exclusive member benefits redeemable at Loch & Key. Your card should be presented on arrival each time you visit to receive your member benefits (See 8).

13. Membership cards will be renewed annually at no extra cost (At Loch & Key’s New Year Party) – only replacement cards will be charged for.

14. Member’s only restriction on door from 2am (Sunday to Thursday & 3am Friday/Saturday) until close (hours may be extended in future). This also includes all hospo members only events.

15. ‘Key Cards’ are not credit cards or associated with any credit.

16. Remember this is about creating a ’Safe Space’ for Hospitality workers (so that creep can’t follow you after work) – when in the venue respect other members, as stated above (See 10). Anyone found being inappropriate will ejected and membership revoked.

17. ‘Key Cards’ can be used in our sister venue ‘Captain Melville’ (Situated below Loch & Key) for 10% discount via CASH or CARD payments at the bar not on ‘Mr. Yum.

18. Membership changes/communication will be done via our socials on Facebook ‘Loch & Key Hospo Society’ – Exclusive events or limited discounts will be posted on ‘Loch & Key: After Dark’ page – so go give it a like.

19. Once again, your ‘Key Card’ will be assigned to you and only you. Passing it to a friend or anyone else is in violations of card usage. This allows you to use in place of I.D. but you may be requested to show I.D. if suspicious misuse.

20. REMEMBER this is not allow you to act entitled, stay humble and respectful.



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